A Bespoke Amethyst & Diamond ring

When I am designing jewellery, colour is always an exciting thing to use, we have so many beautiful gemstones that are the unsung heroes of jewellery design. When I see a stone that is truly exceptional I start to think about what design can enhance it further. We still tend to be rather conservative in choosing our jewellery, so creating a piece that can be worn and make a statement is an exciting challenge.

This Amethyst 5.97cts is a case in point. The colour was so rich and lively, and the cut was a new style called Checkerboard that enhanced the gems brilliance - I had to buy it. It sat on my desk for a good few weeks until Nicole, my wife who always loves colour, spotted it and its' fate was sealed!

So a moment to stretch the design boundaries a little and make a ring that was fun to wear, chic and eye catching. Wearing a big ring needs to be comfortable and for Nicole, survive the life of a Doctor, so mounting the main stone in a setting that was not going to catch or put it at risk from damage were precautions I had to consider.

Nicole’s final piece using the Amethyst, 12mm x 12mm set in palladium, with 2 marquise diamonds and 2 round brilliant cut accent diamonds bringing the whole ring to life. On the finger it looks very regal, not ostentatious at all – so a pleasing result and a very happy wife!

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