Chris & Claire a design engagement...

Chris and Claire Weeks were engaged on February 12th 2013 whilst on a Ski Trip to La Tania, Italy. Chris proposed to Claire in an Italian mountainside Igloo complete with food, champagne and guide – Alfredo.

Chris did not propose with a Platinum Diamond set Solitaire but rather a Blue Solitaire engagement ring. Claire said yes and Chris was able to explain that the blue wax ring set with a carat Cubic Zirconia was In fact just the beginning of his Grand master plan.Claire's 'blue' engagement ring.

Prior to the Ski Trip Chris had been working with Dad to create the perfect ring, specific to Chris’ initial design ideas. Unable to find what he was looking for on the high street, Chris was excited by Christopher Milton Stevens’ website, offering personal and bespoke design opportunities. The Blue ring was presented to Claire as an opportunity to finish and perfect her engagement ring together.

The next stage involved Chris and Claire both working with Dad in his Studio. Claire was thrilled at the opportunity to be involved in the process of choosing the perfect Diamond, precious metal and finishing touches to her ring. Dad taught them how to examine each stone under the microscope and how to spot the WOW factors in the Diamond. Claire told me that what made the experience special was realising the thought, preparation and care that had gone into the initial design stages before she had even known.

Claire’s finished engagement ring can be seen on the right  – a Platinum Solitaire ring set with a 0.70 carat Diamond. During the ‘post ring’ interview, I asked Claire what friends and family thought of the slightly alternative approach to engagement. Claire said initially many were confused and politely congratulated her on the, “beautiful blue ring”. People loved the idea of being involved in the design process, learning and having input into the final ring and were attracted by Dads complete personal service. Some have since had their own trip to, ‘El Studio’.

What’s next? Chris and Claire are to be married this Saturday! They have worked with Dad to create their wedding rings. Claire has chosen to have a fitted wedding ring to complement her engagement one.

I asked the couple for their top 3 CMS moments:

“ Personal service, perfection and Christopher’s barista skills – even down to the Tea Tray ”

Complete with an Igloo,  I hope you have enjoyed the first installment of Christopher’s Customers. A big thank you to Chris and Claire for letting me learn about their engagement! If you would like to commence your own Design Experience or you feel brave and would like to share yours – please do not hesitate to get in touch!


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