There was not the faintest belief we would ever be in a real combat situation, all seemed very stable in the world in 1971 certainly as a 15 year old.  It could have all been rather different given Intrepid was sent to the Faulklands conflict in 1982.

What I gained from my time in the Senior Service was the true comradeship and support from my close mates and the crew. I, “Stevens” was the youngest on board and there was never a moment that I wasn’t being looked out for.

Now you know....

There comes a moment, when you look back and realise you have done ok, survived life’s trials and tribulations and still here to tell the tales.

When I was 15 I joined the Royal Navy, even to this day I am not sure why - it was out of character for a home boy. I signed up for 12 years as a Marine Engineering Mechanic. Training in Plymouth and then drafted to Singapore where I boarded HMS Intrepid – an assault ship whose landing craft carried tanks and soldiers ashore, we practiced with the NATO fleet.

HMS Intrepid - Indian Ocean  1971

Loyalty is a great thing to give and receive so when Penny, a customer, and fund-raiser for SSAFA – Soldiers, Sailors, Air force and Families Association, asked me if I could help her spread the word of SSAFA and Combat Stress’ September concert at the Bath Abbey I was more than pleased.

SSAFA are the UK’s oldest military charity - working with the Armed Forces community for over 130 years. SSAFA supports service men, women and their families who have suffered physically, or with loss from action, and Combat Stress supports those with mental illness caused by their experiences in conflict.

I appreciate that we are all asked many times to donate to causes, however I believe this is one not to avoid - we may not have all signed up but we are all connected in some way.

Let’s help Penny and her team make this concert a great success and memorable moment.

So please join me on the 12th September at Bath Abbey, to support SSAFA, Combat Stress and our Armed Forces. If you would like contribute further I would be happy to explain what that could be.







HMS Raleigh - Cornwall 1970

Passing out parade - HMS Raleigh 1970


Book directly through Bath Box Office

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R&R HMS Terror Singapore 1971

for more information about the concert go to...

We raised £8,000.00 for our charities -  thank you for your supported

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